Sleek living room with ocean view, featuring a white sofa, glass coffee table, floor lamp, and Sonance Invisible Speakers integrated into the ceiling.

Never Sacrifice on Performance or Style With Sonance Invisible Speakers 

Though audio distribution used to be a thorn in interior designers’ sides in the past, it has evolved into an art form that gracefully blends into luxury lifestyles. With its palatial homes, Bel Air is full of homeowners demanding technologies to enhance their lifestyle without disrupting the visual harmony of their properties. 

It’s in this context that the Sonance Invisible Speakers stand out—they don’t just deliver exceptional sound but do so while remaining completely out of sight. So you’ll enjoy a high-end audio experience anywhere in your home while keeping its meticulously planned decor in place. Find out why it’s a great solution for new builds and existing homes. 

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The Art of Invisible Sound

Sonance Invisible Speakers disappear into the room’s architecture, leaving no hint of their presence until they fill the space with rich, immersive sound. Hidden completely within the walls and ceilings, they protect the visual integrity of a room without compromising on audio quality. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist home or a grand, traditionally styled residence, these speakers fit in without any visual intrusion.

With their blend of invisibility and performance, you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, or podcasts without the usual clutter of conventional speakers. This technology revolutionizes the way we think about audio distribution in luxury homes. You no longer have to worry about finding the best spot for speakers based on your home’s layout, but instead, can focus on placing speakers where needed to deliver stellar sound quality. 

The Power of High-End Sound 

Imagine a dinner party where the music flows as smoothly as the conversation, with sound quality that rivals live music venues, all without a single speaker in sight. Or picture a family movie night, where the audio envelops the room, creating a cinematic experience right in the comfort of home. This is the experience that Sonance Invisible Speakers provide. 

What sets these speakers apart is their state-of-the-art acoustic features, including trademark Motion Flex technology and a Wave Flex Drive Unit design. These deliver exceptionally smooth midrange frequencies and crystal-clear highs, ensuring every note comes through with the utmost clarity. The Air Flex Woofer, coupled with an acoustically inert diaphragm, creates robust and powerful bass to balance out the sound while keeping audio from seeping into neighboring rooms. 

How We Get the Most Out of Your Audio Distribution 

Integrating multi-room audio requires a professional touch, and that is where Smart Homes Innovations excels. We specialize in bespoke smart home solutions and bring a wealth of experience in custom AV installations. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team works closely with you to guarantee your audio system exceeds your expectations.

We take great care during installation to keep all wiring and AV components discreetly tucked away. Then, we’ll add your Sonance Speakers to an existing multi-room audio or smart home system to let you find content, adjust volume, and group speakers from an easy-to-use interface. 

Ready to redefine your home with unparalleled sound and design? Call us or fill out our contact form for a personalized consultation. 

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