Smart Homes Innovations provide automation solutions to our clients boardrooms, offices, restaurants, clinics, etc. When you need a commercial audio video system and automation, you need to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will adjust to your requirement as technology and your needs change.

Restaurant & Bar

One Touch Control

Controlling multiple TVs, music and lights in a sport bar or restaurant is complicated. Smart Homes Innovations can simplify the control of all those system and make it easy for your team to automate lighting & climate systems to save energy. Turn off TVs, Music, and Lights in one touch and make “Closing” time easy by powering down everything with one button.


Enhances every meeting and presentation.

Setting up all the technology devices for the next presentation or meeting sometimes is a challenge Smart Homes Innovations can help, creating easy plug and play solutions for any media component use one touch button control to dim the lights to the right level for any video presentation..

Fitness & Spa

Your favorite tunes in your every room.

Fitness centers often have several TVs and audio playing in multiple rooms along with lights, temperature control and security, you need a simple and easy to use automation, have access to music in any room so each class can play their favorite music, distribute HD video to any TV, control the pool and spa all from a single user interface. Arm your security system and turn everything off with one touch.

Professional Office

Focus on the clients experience

Discover the benefit of automation in your office. Technology can provide comfort and convenience to your stuff and clients in a very unique way, automating lights and temperature control to save energy, give your clients/patients entertainment while they wait and free Wi-Fi so they can check emails, play music and more.