Lighting Control Is the Most Popular Smart Home Accouterment

It’s probably safe to say that smart home technology is sweeping across the nation. According to Statista, the lighting segment of the smart home market is growing at a double-digit pace into 2027. In the fashionable neighborhoods of West Hollywood, lighting control is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. As home builders and developers, understanding the benefits can give you a leg up in the competitive Los Angeles housing market. Explore below how smart lighting attracts customers and helps you offer a more valuable product. 

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Enhancing Architectural Design

West Hollywood homes are known for their unique architectural flair. You can further accentuate these designs with lighting control, creating dynamic spaces that captivate potential buyers. Whether highlighting a modern art piece or setting the mood for an open house, adjustable lighting can make all the difference.

Enhancing Sustainability

Eco-consciousness is a way of life in Southern California. By integrating lighting control systems, you’re offering homeowners a chance to reduce their carbon footprint and significant savings on energy bills. In a city that values sustainability, this feature can be a major selling point.

Seamless Integration with Home Automation

The modern homeowner seeks a holistic living experience. Lighting control offers just that when integrated with other smart home features. Imagine showcasing a property where, with a single tap, the lights adjust, the shades draw, and the thermostat sets to the perfect temperature. It’s not just a home; it’s an experience.

Security and Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount. Automated lighting can mimic occupancy, deterring potential intruders. When you can offer a home that not only looks good but also provides an added layer of security, it becomes an irresistible proposition for buyers.

Cost Savings

Centralized lighting control systems can streamline the installation process, reducing time and costs. Moreover, partnering with providers like Smart Home Innovations on multiple projects can offer bulk installation deals, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The Los Angeles real estate market is highly competitive. By offering properties equipped with advanced lighting control, you’re not just selling a house; you’re selling a future-ready home. In a market where every feature counts, lighting control can be the distinguishing factor that sets your properties apart.


Lighting control is more than just a feature; it’s an investment in the future. As the demand for smart homes in West Hollywood continues to rise, staying ahead of the curve is essential. If you’re ready to elevate your properties and cater to the modern homeowner’s needs, adding lighting control to your projects is an excellent investment. To learn more, contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our expert staff quickly. We look forward to working with you!