Universal Remote Control

All of your systems in the palm of your hand!

Combine all of your remotes into one with a universal remote control. You can now have the style and simplicity of a completely customizable LCD touchscreen display that is fully programmable to your specific needs. Now you will have control over all of your systems including home theater systems, home automation applications, and audio video systems.

Video Distribution

Access and distribute your favorite video libraries.

Now you can enjoy crystal clear HDTV and movies no matter what room you are in. Stop wasting money on expensive audio/video components for every room in the house. With a distributed video system, you can purchase one set of components, and have it all installed in a hidden and secure location. This allows you to enjoy instant access to all of your media content from any TV in your home, essentially removing the boundaries of entertainment..

Audio Distribution

Your favorite tunes in your favorite rooms.

A distributed audio system allows the homeowner to listen to different music, in different rooms, at different volumes, all from one easy-to-use system. Now your iTunes, Pandora, satellite radio, CD player and more are available at your fingertips. When it comes to the speakers, we use the latest in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to avoid compromising the aesthetics of the room while still producing top quality sound. Whether you’re looking for a feature-rich, advanced system with high-performance speakers or simply wish to play your favorite tunes, Smart Homes Innovations can design and install a system that fits your needs.

Outdoor Audio Video

Entertaining outdoors has never been easier!

As kids we might have been told it was best to be seen and not heard, but our landscape speakers turn that euphemism on its head. They feature attractive forms that blend effortlessly into your landscaped patio, plants, and many other outdoor areas while being powerful enough to produce exceptional sound that can be heard across any large outdoor spaces.