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RTI Custom Home Automation

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RTI Custom Home Automation

RTI is one of the best custom home automation in the market, until recently RTI have bean just a great universal remote control system until they came out with smart phone and tablets user interface as well as new products and features.

Smart Homes Innovations have installed many smart homes systems over the years from all the top brands in the market and after seeing those systems in action and geting the feedback from our clinets this is by far one of the best smart home system in the market! RTI can integrate to most of the top 3rd party systems out there like NEST thermostat, Sonos Audio system, Lutron RA2 Lighting system and much more... and we can tell you that integrating to those system is very easy on our technical side so you experiance a great seamless working system. 

Contact us here or at 877.744.1477 we will gladliy help you with your home automations needs and answer all of your questions. be sure to check back our website and Facebook page we'll post new pictures of the latetest RTI systems.


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