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Pyng by Crestron - The Home Automation App

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Pyng by Crestron - The Home Automation App

The App is All You Need

Don't just add an app to the home automation system; download the app that IS your home automation system.

Crestron Pyng™ enables complete setup and control in just a few easy steps right from the iPad. Smart Homes Innovations can create lifestyle scenes for each room, schedule events, and much more in minutes without ever opening a laptop.

Setting up a new home is streamlined by pairing Crestron Pyng accessories with the app. Accessories include Crestron wireless lighting controls, shading solutions, thermostats, and Yale wireless door locks, as well as security systems. Home settings are backed up to the cloud, so making changes is easy and secure.

Once the initial set up is complete, anyone can easily modify settings or create new scenes right from the app. Homeowners can make changes themselves with the confidence that all their original settings are backed up in the cloud.


Cloud Services

Got carried away? No worries. The Pyng Cloud has your back. Powerful cloud-based services empower you to:

  • Restore the system if the hub fails
  • Revert to earlier settings if you don't like changes
  • Monitor device status, such as "online" or "offline"
  • Display logs of every load, device, and keypad button press
  • Add new features or devices remotely

Home Controls

The bottom bar of the app allows you to quickly switch from unlocking the front door, to disarming the security system, to opening the shades and turning on the lights, with just a few touches. Accessories can be controlled individually or combined as scenes to control a room, or the entire home.


This is really a new revolutionary way to get a home automation from the top name brand Crestron right to your home, and the best part is very affordable here is example Pyng Crestron system with 10 wireless dimmers, 1 Wireless door lock and 1 Wireless thermostat, iPad app and iPhone app for approximately less then $5000


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