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5 Ways to Tie Lighting into the Smart Home

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smart lighting in your home theater

The ability to turn lights on and off from a keypad, controller, or smartphone may not sound all that essential. Once you have that type of system though, it’s downright addictive. Attaching technology to everyday tasks can turn the mundane into something super-cool. After all, asmart lighting system is convenient, energy-efficient, and kind of awesome.

Forget running around the house to flip switches or worrying about whether or not the lights were left on for the entire weekend. Smart lighting puts all of the control into your palm, whether you’re sitting on the couch or on a beach a thousand miles away. It can even create the ultimate atmosphere for a party, a movie night, or just a quiet dinner for two.


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RTI Custom Home Automation

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RTI is one of the best custom home automation in the market, until recently RTI have bean just a great universal remote control system until they came out with smart phone and tablets user interface as well as new products and features.

Smart Homes Innovations have installed many smart homes systems over the years from all the top brands in the market and after seeing those systems in action and geting the feedback from our clinets this is by far one of the best smart home system in the market! RTI can integrate to most of the top 3rd party systems out there like NEST thermostat, Sonos Audio system, Lutron RA2 Lighting system and much more... and we can tell you that integrating to those system is very easy on our technical side so you experiance a great seamless working system. 

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Connected Home Control

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Affordable Smart Home System

We have been installing and testing the New ProControl remote control system for a about a year now and I have to say its 100% success, easy to install and program and customers just love it! And the way it works with no RF glitches compare to other brands out there. We just love it!

Recently Pro Control have been integrating popular name brands to their systems so now we can connect the Lutron Caseta Wireless ,Nest thermostat and Sonos audio system into a single app, and of course it will connect and control your local audio video system like your TV, Cable box etc. so all you need is your iPad and the ProControl processor and you have an amazing low cost smart home system.

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