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Do you have HDMI signal problems on your TV?

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Have you ever experienced issues with your TV displaying no image or the image goes in and out every few minutes? we do to, no worries the problem is due to HDMI technology and the way your TV and the video source like cable box and DVD player are talking to each other, This two-way communication first encompasses EDID exchange, with HDCP authentication to follow if the content to be displayed is HDCP-encrypted. Successful completion of both is prerequisite to enabling the flow of digital AV content from source to display. Problems with EDID or HDCP are major causes of system failure leading to this very common symptom: a blank or blue screen with a message that reads “No Signal Present” or something similar. Issues with HDCP handshaking are well-known in the field. EDID also has a long history in AV and is widely familiar to integrators. However, it is also difficult to fully understand, and perhaps more importantly, to effectively troubleshoot when things go wrong in a digital video setup.

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