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WiFi-enabled Smart Pool Thermometer

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Everything in the home is smartening up these days. We’ve seen plenty of smart pool cleaners and temperature controls. However, the Vigilant LilyPad allows you to just check in on that waiting water temperature from any smartphone or tablet.

“Big whoop,” you say? Well, that’s not all that this little device can do. This smart pool thermometer may actually save your life! (Not saying anything nasty now, are you?) Continue reading
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5 Tips for Better Home Networking

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You are trying to watch a film in high-def on Apple TV,  your daughter is listening to Spotify while she’s doing homework,  your wife is working on her laptop,  your toddler is playing on the iPad, and your son is, gulp, doing some serious PC gaming. All this online action can bring your home network to its knees.

With the ever-growing trend in home networking of connected home-entertainment gadgets and gear adding to this already gridlocked state of affairs, a strong home network is a must . . . but not a given.  To get the most out of your IP-based toys, we talked with the folks from Luxul, maker of robust networking products for both the home and office. Here are a few tips for making sure your network is ready and optimized for smooth operation.

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