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Should you upgrade to a UHD 4K TV now?

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Should you upgrade to a UHD 4K TV now?

If you are in the market for buying a new TV you probably asked yourself should i get the new 4K or should i just get the 1080p TV? great question, my personal opinion is NO don't buy the 4K just yet, you are probably surprised to hear it from me right? well how much of a 4K content there is out there maybe a handful that's it DVD players are not native 4K they are up-scale only don't get confused so it will only allow you to see your Blu-ray DVD (1080p) in more pixels its slightly better then 1080p at this point but its nothing compared to a true 4K resolution.


I would wait and buy a new 1080p TV they are super affordable now and TV technology changes every year plus in 2 years 4K will be affordable and most important we will have more content to play from video streaming like Netflix and Apple TV to a 4K DVD Player. Cable companies and Satellite companies are still still caching up on HD 1080p and 3D Movies and programs so that will take few years until they will start broadcasting in 4K since its all there equipment will have to upgraded as well as you cable box or satellite box.

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