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Alarm.com Adds Location-based Geo-Services to Home Automation System

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Alarm.com Adds Location-based Geo-Services to Home Automation System

The new option can automatically adjust lights and send alerts about open garages, windows and doors.

The best home automation system should be automatic—and easy.Alarm.com is looking to deliver on that but with an added twist, via Geo-Services.

Geo-Services is a fancy term for “location-based automation.” That basically means that something like your thermostat will always know where you are and when, and will make home adjustments accordingly.

That temperature perk is one of the additions recently added to Alarm.com’s cloud-based service. Now they are looking to spread the love for Geo-Services to other areas of the home. The company’s latest announcement says that Geo-Services can now adjust lights, as well as deliver notifications to let you know when the garage, doors or windows are left open.

No app peeking or preset schedules are needed. The system knows when you aren’t home, based on the location of your smartphone. It can even recognize other smartphones for everyone in the house. Of course, if you manage to leave your phone behind—well, that’s your fault, isn’t it?

Otherwise, the system will know when you’ve left the building. Then, once a door is unlocked, a window is opened or the security system has been disarmed, Alarm.com will send a message to your mobile device. Also, the lights and thermostat will automatically adjust based on your location, so you never have to enter into a dark, cold house.

“We’re focused on creating services that add value to people’s lives and the expansion of our Geo-Services capability will improve the smart home experience,” said Jay Kenny, vice president with Alarm.com. “These next generation smart home services allow the home to work on behalf of the homeowner to automatically make it safer and more efficient. Because the intelligence is driven from the Alarm.com cloud platform, all the connected devices our users already have will be instantly upgraded. With Alarm.com, your home continues to get smarter and be state of the art, without having to replace your devices.”

The Alarm.com ecosystem currently covers security systems and video cameras, thermostats, locks, lights, garage doors, house doors and windows. Geo-Services is now available to all Alarm.com customers at no additional cost, but you will need a qualifying service plan. contact INSIREN.com for more details.

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